Welcome into the Magic Forest! An ancient boreal forest of mossy glacial valleys, towering oaks, quiet whispering pines, and gnarled cedar peaks crawling for hundreds of miles. From the peace of your tent a rumbling roar emerges. Sounds you’ve never heard before. Follow them through the darkness, guided by fireflys and distant electric light. Enter the Amp, filled with smiling bright friends. Dancing and gazing off towards the music perched perfectly on the precipice overlooking an untouched Hudson Valley.

Come July 24th to enjoy a weekend of Art and Music with hundreds of acres of hiking trails, mushroom foraging, incredible mountain views, and connecting with nature in this beautiful temperate forest! 

Packing List:
Cash (we have limited ability to run cards)
Your ticket, on your phone or printed
Your ID
1+ Roll of Toilet Paper and paper towels
Water, 5 gallons per person, and a personal water bottle
Re-useable cups/plates/utensils, cup/mug
Trash bags
Tent with rain fly + Tarp for under the tent
Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Mat
Toiletries, baby wipes, condoms, a towel
Portable power packs for your phone/device.
Food and drinks + storage (cooler, bear can, etc)